Remote Leak Detection

PERGAM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of remote leak detectors for the natural gas industry. Our technology is based on the principle of absorption infrared spectroscopy using a diode laser with tunable frequency. Together with our patented algorithm, it can determinate the gas concentration. This allows remote and fast gas leak audits; features that no other technology provides. The deliverable is a comprehensive report that can be use to plan measures and to provide proof of inspection with historical data.

All our systems have an automatic self-check during the boot-up process and a frequent concentration check of the built-in reference cell as well as auto calibration during operation to ensure guaranteed performance.

ALMA (Aerial Laser Methane Assessment) is operated on helicopters and is mainly used for transmission and gathering pipeline inspections. It provides reliable inspection results for underground as well as for above ground pipelines. It allows a save flight altitude and doesn’t require specific weather conditions contrary to other technologies in the market. The gas concentration is recorded along with a georeferenced video of the right-of-way. Severe leak indications can be reported real-time from the on-board flight engineer. ALMA was awarded type certification (STC) by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in 2011, by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2013 and by Transport Canada in 2015.

Together with our constantly growing worldwide helicopter partner network, we provide economical inspection service to the natural gas industry.

SELMA (Street Evaluating Laser Methane Assessment) is designed for use on all common vehicle platforms. SELMA’s main application is leak detection on natural gas distributions pipelines and city networks. We brought the highly sensitive technology known from our aerial gas detection system ALMA down to street-level. The unique two sensor systems allow for the surveying of pipeline underground in the street and in the side walk. Two independent laser systems monitor the driveway (SELMA MPB – bumper laser) and the sidewalk (SELMA Roof). SELMA MPB and SELMA Roof can operate simultaneously as well as separately. Through the outstanding sensitivity we can identify the smallest leaks at normal driving speed. A thought-out work flow, a simple installation on different types of vehicles and a semi-automated reporting function makes this concept the first choice for vehicle based gas leak surveys.

LMS (Laser Methane Stationary) is the consistent further development of our proven laser methane assessment product line and fills the gap for stationary applications. It can be used in refineries, natural gas storage tank farms, compressor stations and other facilities with potential methane leaks that need constant leak monitoring. Target points for the leak detection are pre-defined in the user friendly software and the LMS system runs 365/24/7 to check for emissions. An alarm message with concentration and location via text message or email is triggered if a threshold is exceeded. The system comes with an aligned high-definition camera system and can be easily integrated in existing SCADA environments.

The LMm (Laser Methane mini) is our truly portable leak detector. It is not much bigger than a cell phone and works on the same principle like our other laser methane assessment products. Through the remote detection capabilities, it is the perfect tool for hard-to-reach locations like pipes in shafts or under the ceiling.

The green laser’s excellent visibility is ideal for outdoor use and easily allows spotting the inspected area even under strong outdoor sunlight. A complementary app running on an Android mobile phone or tablet records the measured values in conjunction with the GPS position. The app shows the survey history and the measured locations on the map and all reports can be shared by email within seconds.

For hazardous areas like coal mines, we keep an intrinsically safe version available (limited communication and guide laser capabilities).

LMC (Laser Methane Copter) is the world’s first sensor for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to detect and measure methane gas. Whenever the gas detection project is too small to mobilize a helicopter and a walking survey is too demanding, the LMC is your reliable and handy assistant. The LMC sensor is designed to fit on a large variety of UAVs / drones. The base for the sensor is our proven Laser Methane mini instrument. The light weight, the calibration-free operation and the data recording are only three of the many advantages available. The on-board LMC data grabber records the flown track together with the gas concentration. The data are available for reporting immediately following the flight and can be easily exported in a comprehensive leak survey report.

Through the huge variety of gas leak detection products, we can offer the most suitable tool to detect and monitor methane emissions in almost any application. Our gas detection experts are looking forward to assessing your individual needs.

Gas Leak Detection Surveys

As inventor of ALMA and SELMA, one of the most efficient gas leak detection technologies, we also offer inspection services. Our unique technology remotely identifies and quantifies gas leaks, either based on a vehicle, a helicopter or even on a drone. Our service is based on the latest generation of laser spectroscopy and utilizes the most advanced technology, experienced pilots and field engineers for a dependable pipeline inspection.

All data is being recorded during the inspection and is available for reporting and post processing. The results will be summarized in a comprehensive report which consists of a hardcopy, a real time video along with the GPS data where we have detected methane emissions.

Natural gas companies and other gas handling entities can benefit from our professional inspection services - for their distribution as well as for their transmission and gathering pipelines.